Client Portfolio


GSEA required a wep application that provides subscription-based security products to internal customers and to the wider charity sector. Using expertise in requirements engineering, I explored with them all options that would maximise value to the organisation. I chose the technologies that best fit the spec: Laravel 5, AngularJS, and integrations with Braintree, LDAP and IceWarp. This resulted in improved XP with a fast and responsive web store, new ways to pay and online management of accounts. Administration costs were reduced with significant time savings enabling staff to focus on other business needs.

Design and CSS: Tim Rackham

Screenshot of GSEA


Open Source

laravel-crudkit is a CRUD framework for Laravel 5.3+. It provides a user-friendly frontend to view, create, update and delete database records in a SQL relational database. Unlike most CRUD frameworks, the frontend is constructed using a simple PHP fluent interface and can be easily retro-fit to an existing database schema.

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Screenshot of laravel-crudkit